The Medliance solution was built specifically for the long-term care industry, because our origins are deeply rooted in the struggle to control and maintain pharmaceutical expenses.


We want to share the knowledge and expertise we’ve gained over the last 20 years, and help you be a more successful facility by more effectively managing your expenses.


Reining in your pharmaceutical costs should be a top priority. Our solutions will help you gain control of your spending, so you can worry about what matters most – your residents.

How Successful Facilities Control Pharmacy Costs

Nothing eats into a long-term care facility’s profit margins quite like pharmacy costs that surpass budgetary expectations. There are many reasons the owners and operators of these facilities misjudge what they’ll actually be spending. Confusing contract language, atypical dispensing practices, and a lack of recourse when pricing errors are discovered all contribute to the downfall of even the most well-planned pharmacy budgets.

Have confidence in your pharmacy spend. Medliance provides services personalized to each customer’s needs. Let us support and enhance your pharmacy buying process from adjudication to a myriad of consulting and transaction review services.

Our services pay for themselves. The average client has a four-time return on investment.

Get educated on the methods other facilities are using to control and manage their pharmacy costs. Your facility could already be benefiting from lower pharmacy costs.