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‘America’s other drug problem’: Giving the elderly too many prescriptions

from | August 15, 2016 Anna Gorman An increasing number of elderly patients nationwide are on multiple medications to treat chronic diseases, raising their chances of dangerous drug interactions and serious side effects. Often the drugs are prescribed by different specialists who don’t communicate with each other. If those patients are hospitalized, doctors making the […]

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New quality measures will hit the Five-Star on July 27

from McKnight’s | July 14, 2016 Five of the six new quality measures for skilled nursing facilities announced by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services will be phased into the Five-Star Quality Ratings system on July 27, CMS officials said on Thursday. The confirmation came from Ed Mortimore, technical director of survey and certification at […]

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Medicine’s Next Step

from | July 7, 2016 Health care is always personal. As science and technology have advanced, it’s become possible to make it personalized as well, giving us the tools to better understand, prevent, and treat everyone’s individual health needs. We wouldn’t buy a pair of glasses that doesn’t match our eyesight, and though plenty of […]

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New overtime rule casts admin uncertainties for 500,000 healthcare workers

from | May 27, 2016 The Department of Labor’s (DOL) final overtime rule, announced two weeks ago, raises the salary threshold to qualify for overtime from $23,660 to $47,476, affecting 4.2 million Americans. The salary threshold was last raised in 2004, and the recent ruling marks the first time overtime eligibility has been raised so drastically. […]

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