Custom Solutions for Reducing Medication Risk

Decision Support at the Point of Care


MedWise™ provides medication decision-support components to clients seeking to manage medication risk and to improve medication outcomes and patient relationships by enhancing their systems. MedWise™ features include sophisticated alert functionalities and patient risk evaluation tools.

MedWise™ also offers a web-based precision dosing matrix, to be used with or without pharmacogenetic insight, to detect possible competitive inhibition within the current drug regimen.

The MedWise™ consumer version (available 2016) empowers patients to prevent adverse drug events and translates the complicated science of medications into easy-to-understand guidelines and alerts.

High-throughput Medication Risk Stratification

CareVentions offers a robust pharmacy platform that can identify high-risk medication regimens retrospectively based on internal and extrinsic clinical factors. These patients can then be managed through our team of clinical pharmacists in collaboration with network prescribers and case managers. Our medication therapy management systems apply personalized science to medication regimens.

Our software can also be used as a front-end e-prescribing module for ensuring safe medication regimens at the point of prescribing or by health-care system pharmacists.

Personalized Care Transitions Planning

To ensure accurate and safe transitions planning, we capture medications (and pertinent labs) data prior to and during the hospitalizations and facility stays, as well as the discharge medication plan. This information helps our PharmDs inform prescribing by:

  • Personalizing the regimen
  • Optimizing the dosing schedule
  • Reconciling the medication care plan
  • Monitoring using concordance & adherence assessments
  • Document outcomes & savings

The Results

Our sophisticated risk-mitigating cloud technology, supported by expert pharmacist consultation, improves medication safety.

This approach measurably:

  • Reduces preventable, costly, disruptive adverse drug events
  • Avoids medication-related ER visits and hospitalizations
  • Decreases direct and indirect medication-related costs
  • Increases medication concordance and adherence
  • Improves member and physician satisfaction
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