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Finally, a Solution that Prevents Costly Billing Errors

Managing your pharmacy costs on your own is a monumental task. We support and enhance your pharmacy buying process from adjudication to an array of consulting and transaction review services to rebate management. Our services are personalized to each of our clients’ needs.


Price Validation

Dispensing Parameters

Business Intelligence Tools

Utilization Review

Steering Committees



RFP Management

Cost Studies

Contract Optimization

Historical Transaction Reviews


Rebate Management

Automated data collection

Prescriber medication choice



This service communicates electronically, in real-time, with the pharmacy during the medication dispensing process to ensure accuracy and capture savings. Adjudication provides price validation as well as customized dispensing parameters and reporting tools so that you know your facility is being billed correctly.

Utilization Review – Medliance will analyze client specific utilization and make recommendations for additional protocols, in-services, and workgroup development. These suggestions will guide our clients in managing their pharmacy relationship more efficiently.

Steering Committees – Medliance will work with the client to establish a Steering Committee which will include members from Medliance, the client, and the pharmacy. This committee will foster honest and open communication between your facility and pharmacy.

Business Intelligence – Key sets of customizable, actionable reports are delivered directly to staff, providing insight on daily facility dispensing issues as well as corporate-wide financial analytics. These tools equip your staff with accurate, timely information to control and analyze your pharmacy spend.


Request For Proposal (RFP) Management – Medliance will handle the full lifecycle of your pharmacy proposal process.

Cost Studies – Medliance will use your historical utilization to provide a variety of cost studies. For example, repricing your data based on the terms in your pharmacy proposals to determine the financial impacts and finding comparisons or to validate Per Diem True-Up calculations.

Contract Optimization – Medliance will review the pharmacy agreement and identify areas to be clarified or improved upon via a contract amendment.

Historical Transaction Review – Historical invoices are reviewed for pricing accuracy and to determine cost savings initiatives that can be implemented with adjudication services.