Electronic, real-time communication with the pharmacy during the medication dispensing process ensures accuracy and captures savings. Adjudication provides price validation as well as customized dispensing parameters and reporting tools so that you know your facility is being billed correctly.

Adjudication services include:

Utilization Review

Analyzing client specific utilization and making recommendations for additional protocols, in-services, and workgroup development. These suggestions guide you in managing pharmacy relationships more efficiently.

Steering Committee Facilitation

Working with you to establish a Steering Committee, which includes members from your organization, Medliance, and the pharmacy. This committee fosters honest and open communication between your facility and pharmacy.

Business Intelligence

Delivering key sets of customizable, actionable reports directly to staff, providing insight on daily facility dispensing issues as well as corporate-wide financial analytics. These tools equip your staff with accurate, timely information to control and analyze your pharmacy spend.