Why Medliance?

Our services, expertise and systems improve your ability to manage pharmacy process performance and save money month over month.

What if you suddenly discovered that everywhere you shopped last month had charged you 5% more than they should have? Such a small percentage could easily go unseen, but those dollars can add up pretty quickly. These mistakes happen all the time.

The healthcare industry is no exception. Fortunately, you can gain peace of mind by using a third-party adjudicator, like Medliance. Founded by a former pharmacist, who saw this need in the market after years in the pharmaceutical industry, Medliance seeks to build trust and transparency between the facilities and their pharmacies.

The Medliance adjudication service communicates with the pharmacy in real time. This service provides an immediate response to the pharmacy regarding pricing and dispensing parameters, which means issues can be immediately resolved.

Our Experience

The Medliance solution was built specifically for the long-term care industry, because that’s our industry too. The years we spent in the trenches, owning and operating facilities ourselves, brought to light the many pain points that operators experience today.

That’s why we want to share with you the knowledge and expertise we’ve gained over the last 20 years, and help you be a more successful facility by more effectively managing your pharmacy expenses.

Our Results

For most facilities, pharmacy cost management is one of the hardest parts of spend control. Prescription costs are constantly on the rise, it is very difficult to effectively monitor purchasing and dispensing, and loss recuperation must, by its nature, occur after the fact. It all adds up to one big, costly headache.

Avoid the costs and the risks associated with managing pharmacy costs on your own. Medliance services skilled nursing home operators across the nation ranging from single entities to large corporations. In 2014, Medliance clients saved an average of four times the cost of our services through adjudication alone.

Our History

Medliance was established in 2001 by a prior long-term care pharmacy owner who was well aware of the difficulties plaguing the nursing home community. He began providing the nursing home community with assistance in negotiating a variety of contracts including pharmacy agreements and medical supply agreements. He identified many inconsistencies on the pharmacy invoices and added bill review to his list of services.

Over the years, Medliance has continually pioneered new ways to help our clients, through systematic adjudication, expert professional services, and sophisticated reporting tools.

Today, we continue to innovate offering insightful reporting and data solutions that best fit our clients’ needs.